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When you make a grooming appointment with us, we’ve set that time aside especially for you and your pet. Our groomers work solely on commission and if you cancel or no-show for your appointment, that is a loss of income for your groomer. Because our groomers are so busy, we have a wait list for clients that are hoping to get their pet in sooner for grooming appointments. When you give us enough notice, we’re able to pull from that wait list and keep the groomers’ schedules full.


Our grooming services include full grooms, mini grooms, and baths. When you call to make your appointment, it’s important that you specify which service you want for your pet. When you arrive for your appointment, your groomer has set aside time specifically for the service you originally requested. If you make an appointment for a full body haircut, but decide you only want a mini groom or bath, you must give 24-hours notice. If we do not receive notice, we may not be able to accommodate your change and you may be charged for the service you originally requested. 


You will be required to give at least 24-hours notice prior to cancelling your grooming appointment. 


After two instances of cancelling or no-showing without providing 24-hours notice, you will be required to put a credit card on file and pre-pay for your service.


If you are more than ten minutes late for your appointment with no call, we may not be able to accommodate you and your appointment will be given to another client on our waitlist. 


We understand that things happen sometimes and it may be impossible for you to keep your appointment. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs. Giving us as much notice as possible allows us to stay operational and compensate our groomers for their hard work and dedication. 


Thank you for your cooperation and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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