Through training, we can help strengthen the bond between you and your dog! 

For over twelve years, the Bark Bark Club and Kim's Dog Coaching have partnered to offer positive, relationship based training. We strive to train both the canine and the human view!

Our purpose is to make everyday life with your dog easy and fun. We teach skills that you will actually use and solutions that you can easily follow at home. Our approach is flexible, because experience has taught us that there is no one way to teach every dog, or to address each issue. The one constant in all our training is that the experience will be a positive one for people and dogs alike. We will respond to your questions about dog training and dog care with informed answers, practical suggestions, and encouraging words. In addition, after your lessons have ended, we are always just a phone call away, to help with any issues that may arise along the way. After all, learning never really ends!

Meet Kim Schiro - Head Trainer and Owner of Kim's Dog Coaching!

Kim is a Certified Dog Trainer who graduated with honors in 2007 from Animal Behavior College and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She served in the Best Friends Animal Society Community Training Partner program and currently works as a Mentor Trainer for other students who are completing their ABC Certification Program.

Kim has studied under the guidance of many respected professional trainers learning a wide range of philosophies from each one and regularly supplements her education by attending training seminars and workshops. She is certified in animal nutrition and Dog CPR/First Aid; she also has professional experience with various other animal species. Kim served as president of the Chicago Dachshund Lovers Club for 15 years and actively competes with her dogs in obedience, rally, agility, barnhunt, happy ratters and herding, earning numerous titles in each venue with all of her dogs.

Kim helps dog owners teach their canine companions to be well-behaved, happy members of the family. She specializes in not only obedience, rally, and agility training but also more serious issues including fearfulness, anxiety, nuisance barking and aggression. Her approach to training always emphasizes humane methods and listening to the dogs’ side of the issue.

Kim lives in Chicago with her dogs; Tommy, Jack, Frank, and Dean. For fun, she can always be found with her dogs competing in obedience, agility, and barnhunt rings or at the farm herding the ducks and sheep.

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Refund Policy

Class fees are non-refundable and paid in full at the time of registration. Due to small class size, we cannot reserve space without payment. No refunds will be given after the first night of class attendance or if canceled within seven days of the class start date. Private lessons must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged the full cost of the lesson.