We’re looking to introduce a new service for your pups: teeth brushing! For any existing client with a recurring schedule, you can add on a teeth brushing service to make sure your furry friends have healthy teeth and fresh breath. Dental hygiene in dogs is extremely important to their overall health, and making sure they remain clean is something we hope we can help with. Dogs need their teeth brushed daily — just like us!  Over time, bacteria and food particles build up and if they aren’t brushed away the plaque mineralizes into tartar, causing painful periodontal disease. Because regular maintenance is the only way to prevent periodontal disease, we are only offering this service to our recurring clients. Currently, this service is only available for dogs- sorry kitties! Click here to learn more about our dental care products and services at Bark Bark Club, as well as how to keep your pet's teeth in good shape.


Once signed up, you will be given a free baggie containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some high-value Stewart Freeze-Dried Beef Liver treats (to encourage a positive routine). This baggie is meant to be left at your home for each visit. The service is priced at $8.00 per brushing with discounts on more frequent brushings per week, and the charge will be added onto your usual visit. The teeth brushing will be worked into your visit time and should only take a few minutes!


If you are interested, please fill out the form below to get started. We'll have a manager visit your home with you and your dog present to ensure that they are a good candidate for this service. Due to the nature of this service, some dogs may not be receptive to having their teeth brushed. 

*Any overly anxious behaviors or attempts to bite may cause a discontinuation of teeth brushing services