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The Love Fridge is an amazing group of people committed to kickstarting a culture of community fridges in the Chicagoland area. Their mission is to bring free food to neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 on the South and West Sides. "The recent pandemic has highlighted inequalities in our food system in Chicago. So we've been seeking to establish community refrigerators throughout the city especially in areas where access to food is particularly challenging," said Lisa Armstrong, one of the organizers for The Love Fridge Chicago. At the community refrigerators, neighbors are welcome to take whatever they want and donate what they don’t need. The motto is “take you what you need, leave what you can.” The grassroots collective is made up of over 90 volunteer members from Chicago who organize and manage the fridges up to twice a week to ensure that they are stocked and in running condition. Businesses and other organizations have continued to support their efforts with food, fridges, power, and more.

“The Love Fridge is a collective that practices mutual aid grounded in food. We are powered by kindness, generosity, and most importantly, love. We are your neighbors, looking out for our community,” the group wrote on its website.


“We have the common belief that being able to feed yourself is not a privilege, but a right. With food insecurity at an all-time high, keeping our communities fed right now is more important than ever.”

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